Advantages Homemade Truck Bed Storage

Truck Bed Storage

Truck bed storage – A truck bed racks can add more storage capacity to your truck bed and hang over the truck cab or rest behind it. Build your own truck bed storages can offer many benefits, but it also brings some challenges. A homemade truck bed storages can be built to custom width and length specifications, and can also be placed according to your personal needs and preferences. To build a truck bed storages require only basic tools and parts, such as a drill wooden rod, screws and pins Cottar, and are often cheaper than buying a premade unit.

Building homemade truck bed storage involves cutting four pieces of wood with a miter saw to a size equal to the width of the platform. Equally, spaced holes drilled in two boards of wooden slats, which are then secured with wood screws and kept in place with cotton plugs. The other two boards are screwed in on either side of the rods to complete the frame. Two 2-by-4 are then used to attach the rail to both sides of the platform.

Homemade truck bed storage may not offer the same weight bearing capacity as heavy prefabricated storages. Storages in the wood can cause the storage to fail, resulting in damage to the supported load or truck bed.

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