Amazing 12 Drawer Storage Bed

Rustic 12 Drawer Storage Bed

12 drawer storage bed – Almost everyone has something stuffed under the bed. It’s a good place to put a little used item, especially those odd shaped ones that do not seem to fit anywhere else. But it is also a difficult place to clean. It’s a good time to think about planning a bed that serves as a storage device.

The best 12 drawer storage bed configuration for your bed might not be what you expect. While traditional cabinet and drawer construction methods can be used with great success for storing small objects the size and weight limitations on what can be stored in this way. The necessary hardware to support large objects can be large, and the added complexity can make your drawers less reliable. An easy to use alternative to the standard drawer is a box on four wheels.

A front panel that extends perhaps a few centimeters beyond the top and sides of the box and high enough to cover the hole, in which the wheels are, gives the appearance of a traditional tray. A standard 12 drawer storage bed handle or two mounted on this panel completes the look. These quasi-drawers can extend the full width of the bed, so long as there is room to pull them out and access the content.

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