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November 26, 2017 Storage Bed Ideas

Best Futon Beds with Storage Underneath

Futon beds with storage – Comfy sofa by day and warm bed for the night, a daybed a multi-functional and decorative addition to any room in the house. Add storage to keep clutter at bay and you have the perfect piece of furniture. With a little elbow grease and some creativity, you can build this daybed with storage for a few hours, time to relax with a good book – for your new sofa.

Shop for unfinished wooden cubes. You can get them from an arts and crafts store or unfinished furniture store. Buy two units measuring 15 by 48 inches and two units measuring 15 by 32 inches. This will create futon beds with storage base. Use a printable wood filler to fill in the scratches, gaps and nail holes in the cubes. Lightly sand and apply two coats of paint. If you use white or off-white color, apply two coats of paint primer first. Paint futon beds with storage base in the same way.

Configure wood cubes to create a rectangle, such that the two larger size units sit on each side of the chaise lounge and the two smaller-sized devices sit in between. Place futon beds with storage base on top of the cubes. Assemble a box spring, bed skirt and mattress on top of the base. Add a blanket and pillows in a variety of colors. Get creative with pillow styles and sizes – use king size pillows with decorative shams, square and round throw pillows and bolster style pillows. Put wicker baskets and other containers in each of the cubes to keep clutter at bay.

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