Build Queen Platform Storage Bed

Awesome Queen Platform Storage Bed

Queen platform storage bed – The platform beds are a modern and alternative style to expensive furniture. These beds, which are basically boxes stacked on top of each other, can be designed with or without header and may change as they grow older children. The rolling beds or storage add versatility in departments and small rooms. Build a platform of queen size for teenagers, used as a sofa bed and cover it with a standard mattress, foam mattress or futon.

Queen platform storage bed lower base constructed with planks 1 by 10 inches (2.5 25 cm) and the base boards 1 by 4 inch (2.5 by 10 cm). As you will place the boards on their sides, you have a height of 14 inches (35 cm). Add 2 pieces of plywood 1 inch thick and ends with a 4-inch mattress and your bed will have a total height of 20 inches (50 cm). This is a comfortable distance for an adult but you might want to use shorter sides for a child’s bed or build the bed base only 10 inches tall. Throw in the platform as the child grows.

If you’re going to cover the base, manufactures sides and ends of the queen platform storage bed at least 4 longer inches throughout the area. Whether you end up only the base or the base and the platform, the top surface should be a few larger than the width and length of the mattress inches. This gives you space for children to not hit his fingers. Remember, start with the sides of the boards to form a box, ensures the corners with L-brackets and place shingles to reinforce them.

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