Build Trundle Bed With Storage

Awasome Trundle Bed With Storage

Trundle bed with storage – Construct a trundle bed is a wonderful way to add a guest bed for your child’s room. It also serves as storage anytime you do not need extra sleep space. Trundle beds slide under the ordinary bed so they are hidden away, but easy to access. Measure mattress to use with trundle bed. Double check your measurements to make sure you have the correct measurements for length, width and height of the mattress. The mattress must be at least 4 to 6 inches shorter than the height of the space under the bed, where the roll will be stored.

Cut the plywood base to the same size as the mattress, added no more than 1/2 inch to the length or width. Cut two pieces of 2 x 4 board to the same length as the longest side of the plywood, and two pieces of the same length as the shorter side of the plywood.  Use the four 2 x 4 boards, L-brackets and posts, constructing a rectangular , open frame to support the plywood. If you want to mount wheels under trill positions to make it easier to move trundle bed with storage, you can mount the frame even with the bottom of the post.

Place plywood inside the frame and attach with brads or heavy staples. Turn on your trundle bed box over and attach a wheel wheels at each corner. Make sure that the wheels you are using does not roll too high to fit easily under the trundle bed with storage.  Paint or stain the sides of the trundle bed to match the main bed.

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