Bunk Bed Storage Design

Cute Bunk Bed Storage

Bunk bed storage – When two girls of different ages would share a room they needed was his private corner. The bunk beds on the market felt not enough, so the girls came up with their own idea. Realized it was a solid building with convenient storage and plenty of space in every nook. The bed took some time to build but offered no difficulty in the form of cabinet making. The basic structure is a framework of poles with stabilizing ribs.

Bunk bed storage based on the appearance can be varied with thinner poles on the upper floor, strips or fences instead of the disc edge of the bed above, for. The disc can also shape cut. Another impact will be if you decorate the top posts with knobs, those intended for porches and stairs. Start by drawing and calculate material consumption properly considering the room’s dimensions and any base cabinet.

The individual components, however, it is better to make the cut gradually to avoid unpleasant surprises. For example, that the floor slanted and therefore had to cut posts in different lengths. Order the same reason floorboard only after you set up rules so that you get the exact measurement.  Securing the bunk bed storage against the motion bit extra by screws in the wall if. It was not with us, but we put some angled reinforced construction iron to the floor and feed. Pre-drill all screw holes so the work goes much easier.

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