Chic Full Size Sofa Bed In Small House

Full Size Sofa Bed Furniture

Full size sofa bed – Save space and money with our sofa beds, ideal for when you have guest’s solution. We have a variety of styles and colors, with options such as chair and sofa bed corner. Many of them have built -in storage for bedding. It is a good solution for small homes and studios a few meters where live lounge and bedroom or as a solution for occasional guests.

Today most modern systems carefully finished opening and can serve the dual function smoothly.  Traditional: There are now many new features those make it a rejuvenated bet, in fact, is no longer necessary to remove the couch cushions because they are attached to full size sofa bed frame and move with it. The mattress can be made of foam, latex or spring.

Futon: They are not as durable as traditional, but they can play a good role in youth environments where it is not necessary that the decoration will last many years. The best ones have the structure beech wood and offer the choice of latex mattress.  Full size sofa bed with hidden drawer: the model clicked-clack in the back folds and slides at once seems, but are smaller, since the length of the sofa matches the width of the bed (1.40 to 1.50 m).

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