Construct A Full Size Loft Bed

Full Size Loft Bed With Dresser

Full size loft bed is a great space saver for a small bedroom or dorm. In fact, it can serve as a desk or in a closet. For younger children or students, is a loft bed is a great choice. The full size loft bed allows also for extra floor and storage space.

Build a box out of 2-by-6-by-8 boards. Make sure that the box holds size mattress; your box will be slightly larger. For a standard twin (38 by 76 inches), should be the longer side measuring 78 inches, while the shorter side should measure 37 inches. Place the box and let the longer ends overlap the shorter ends. Screw together using 3-inch screws. Cover the box with the heavy plywood. Cut to fit and fix at 2-foot intervals, 1 5/8 inch screws. Sand the rough spots until smooth. Your mattress will be on top of the box. Turn over the box and test how well the mattress fits. Place the posts and draw a line in all four. This is done to show the bottom of your box will be placed. Allow adequate clearance (at least 3 meters) from the top of the mattress and ceiling. Drill holes through the posts and halfway in the corresponding spots on the box on full size loft bed.

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