Create Beds with Storage Underneath

Dec 5th

Beds with storage underneath – If you are looking for extra storage space, you may consider using the space under your bed. This space is often forgotten and unused. By lifting your bed, you can easily slide storage boxes in the previously neglected area. Beds can be easily lifted by commercial bed risers. These elements are also known as bed lifts. Risers are available in stores, online, and bedding and home goods stores.

Create beds with storage underneath, Count the number of legs to the bed frame. To bed on balance correctly, you need a riser for each leg. Dimensions current space between the floor and the bottom of your bed. Subtract this number from the height of the highest point that you plan to store under the bed. This will give you the minimum height required for the riser. For example, measuring the current range between the floor and your bed 6 inches.

Create beds for storage underneath, Calculate the total weight of the people and any pets that sleep in the bed. Add this weight to the approximate weight mattress, bed frame and box spring. Risers have a recommended maximum weight that can be accommodated. Exceeding this amount could cause the riser to break and become a security risk. Shop for risers. Risers are available in many different materials, finishes, heights and weight capacity. Buy risers that meet your needs for interior design, security and storage. Remove the mattress and box springs of the bed frame. Place a riser under each leg of the bed. Some risers can be stacked to allow for greater height. Replace the mattress and box spring.

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