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November 11, 2017 Storage Bed Frame

Creative Bed Frames with Storage

Bed frames with storage – bed frames with storage especially in small spaces. When you face increasing storage space in your room, consider how you can work creative solutions for design and furnishings to create a system that is both attractive and functional. Platform bed, In a small room, replace the bed frame and headboard with a platform bed that can double as a storage system. Build or buy a simple platform bed that has a hollow interior and a lid that lifts or slip. Add recessed shelves to the sides of the platform to create room for books or other decorative elements. Before you put your mattress on the platform, save the ugly elements and things you do not often use on the inside.

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Make use of as much space as possible with built-in options is a practical way to put everything in its proper place. The bedroom is a room that has a need for organization to help you get a good night’s sleep without having to weed through piles of junk. Take the time to implement a couple of built-in bed frames with storage.

Below-bed storage, which has a large space under the frame, offers a good place to build a storage unit. Slide-out drawers are the easiest to access and make a place for off season clothes, shoes or extra blankets. Many store-bought bed frames with storage offer these types of under-bed storage drawers.

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