Design Of Twin Loft Bed

Twin Loft Bed Furniture

Twin loft bed – Even a twin size bunk bed can open more than 20 square meters of floor space for other uses. Although the smaller, twin-size mattress is the most common, there’s no reason you cannot design a twin loft bed with other sizes, or custom fit mattress sizes. Set aside a full day for this project. It may take longer, but you want to give yourself time to correct errors or simply to get it right the first time.

Design and Preparation to design and build a twin loft bed, Measure the width and length of the mattress that you want for your twin loft bed. Cut two beams to fit the length of the mattress. Cut the plywood sheet adjust the width and length of the mattress. Measure the ceiling height in the area where you will install the twin loft bed.

Build Mattress Frame to twin loft bed, set the four beams in a rectangle on the two-inch rims. The ends of the shorter beams must bear against the inner faces of the longer beams.  Screw the frame to each other by means of two 4-inch wood screws in each corner. Set the plywood on top of the rectangular frame. Screw it in place with the aid of one half-inch wood screws. Use a wood screw in each corner, and one on the center line of each edge of the frame. In all cases, drive the screws through the plywood and into the edge of the frame below.

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