DIY Twin Bed Frame Style

Cheap DIY Twin Bed Frame

DIY twin bed frame – The problem with twin beds, the frames often cost much more than you want to spend on furniture which your child is going to outgrow in just a few years. However, you can build a solid twin bed in the afternoon or at night if you plan to paint it. This project is well within the reach of even novice do-it-yourselfers and is capable of recruiting children for help when you have finished carving specifications.

DIY twin bed frame, Cut saw two of the pine boards on 75 inch long by means of the force. Cut the third shelf in two pieces, each 37 inches in length. Sand all the faces of timber by means of rough grit sandpaper. Arrange a short plank, and a long shelf in an L-shape with the end of the short board adjacent inner face of the long shelf. Suturing the boards with the aid of two L-brackets, each set of one half inch from the end of the shelves. Attach the braces with their corresponding screws, with the aid of the drilling machine in order to drive them.

Assemble the two L-shapes in a rectangular frame. Attach the two open corners using two L-brackets each installed as described. Set the sheet of plywood on top of the rectangular frame. Apply a coat of paint on the visible faces of the boards and the edge of the multiplex, if desired. Let dry before installing the finished DIY twin bed frame. Because the top of the multiplex will be covered with a mattress, it is not necessary to paint it.

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