Fancy Twin Sized Bed in Simple Ideas

Dec 20th

Appropriate decoration for child’s bed can be beginning of a fancy room. Or twin sized bed with small canopy are often quite plain in Department of decoration compared to their larger counterparts. Smallest own bed offers many options for a nice decoration to room of a girl a place she wants to hang out.

For relaxed girl who likes shabby chic or hippie decor, consider converting a twin sized bed in a hippie hangout.  Match colors of bedding with many large pillows of different shapes and sizes. For canopy covering, choose multicolored strands of pearls. Strips of colored beads are available from commercial to hang as curtains. Select beans to cover entire roof. Place large silk flowers in random strings of pearls for an added touch.

For a girl who loves animals, transforming a twin sized bed with canopy of a zoo it offers a whimsical touch. Many young girls have a large collection of stuffed animals. Some of these are bedfellows, while others sit on shelves and cabinets. Pull them out and put to use. Cover bed with girl favorite color bedding. Set strong fishing line or rope to a variety of stuffed animals and hang canopy. Put a knot in rope and staple animal on knot. Place several small animals in same chain, or just a couple of larger stuffies. They surround bed with ropes full of animals.

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