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Full Size Low Loft Bed Plan

Full size low loft bed – You have a really small room with good ceiling height? You want to enlarge a room ingeniously? By building a loft bed you will gain a lot of space and can develop your child’s room as you wish. Loft beds, one can find in specialty stores, but you can also make them yourself. What equipment is needed for this achievement and how? Note that the dimensions of the elements used here are suitable for a cot.

Full size low loft bed, it is first a matter of height. Before the production, take the dimensions of your room and measure the ceiling height. The idea is to leave a height minimum 1,80 m below the floor of the mezzanine. Between the bed and the ceiling, 80cm enough. To determine the size of your bed, also taking the dimensions of your mattress.

Full size low loft bed, use the wooden slats and saw them following dimensions of the mattress. Form a frame by screwing it all. During assembly, use brackets. The embodiment of the support. Then perform a support for the mattress with wooden planks. The media size should be measured based on the mattress and frame dimensions. Attach the bracket to the frame using brackets and screws and check that everything is well consolidated. Tighten as much as possible to secure the set.

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