Homemade Loft Bed With Storage

Cool Loft Bed With Storage Designs

Loft bed with storage – Building a loft bed with storage underneath is not much harder than building loft on their own. The whole project will take only two to three hours after you have collected your tools and building materials. To adding storage at loft bed, attach a wooden triangle to the inner edge of a position closest to the wall. Two inches of the triangle should be resting against the post itself, and the rest protruding into space under the bed frame. The longer the right edge of the triangle must run along the post. The others must run parallel to the ground, with the diagonal edge down at a 45 degree angle to the post.

Secure with two screws driven through the forest and into position. The lowest corner of the triangle must be within half a centimeter of the soil. Second, repeat steps one to connect a second triangle, opposite and level with the first, on the other hand post closest to the wall. The two triangles together form a surface that will support the loft bed with storage.

Repeat steps one and two to link two additional pairs of triangles. Place them so that the top surface edges of 36 inches and 48 inches from the ground. Add the remaining four 72-inch planks along the support formed by triangles. A plank will put all the short end support struts, rather than triangles. And the loft bed with storage was done.

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