How To Make King Size Storage Bed

Amazing King Size Storage Bed

King size storage bed – Building a storage frame for your king-size bed is a one -dags project that can add more than 40 cubic feet of storage space to your bedroom.  Seen a 76- inch plank and a 80-inch plank together in an L shape. Connect them with two L-belts on the inside of the corner of the L. L Put a brace from the top 2 inches and 2 inches from the bottom.

Connect other 76- inch plank to the other end of the 80-inch board, making a C shape.  Place the other 80-inch plank at the midpoint of the two 76- inch planks running parallel to the first 80-inch plank. Screw it into place with two L-belts per shorter plank.  Place a plywood board on the open side of your frame. It must be so that the inside edge is flush with the 80-inch plank runs down the center. Screw it into place with a wood screw for king size storage bed of the plywood sheet.

Plug the other plywood next to someone you have just installed. Its inner edge should be flush against the edge of the first plywood sheet. Its outer edge should be flush with the outside 80-inch plank. Put plywood sheets with your six hinges, spaced every 10 inches.  Slide a position under the lip of plywood on the open side of the bed frame. Screw it in place 16 inches from the board, constituting the end of the king size storage bed, by means of a wood screw drilled through the plywood and the center of the end of the post.

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