How Wood Add To A Twin Metal Bed Frame

Nice Twin Metal Bed Frame

Twin metal bed frame – A simple metal frame may not be expensive, but it can certainly boring quickly. Cheap metal frames are usually just large enough to sit on your box spring and mattress in them. This means that there are probably no decorative elements to help bring the device into your bedroom together or enliven the room. By a timber head end at the front side of the twin metal bed frame, see character and elegance to the room without a completely wooden frame, which are costly purchase.

Wood adds to a twin metal bed frame, Choose a wooden headboard is the same width as your metal bed frame. You want it to seem like it could be a part of the device. Cut a strip of wood blocking the same width as the headboard with a saw. Use a stud finder to find the studs in the wall behind your bed. Mark them with a pencil.

Twin metal bed frame, Search for the place on the wall which is a few centimeters below which the top side of the head ends is intended to stop. Mount to lock the timber to the level area that you have been found in the previous step, with the aid of two half-inch screws. Place the headboard so the wood block is only a few centimeters below the top of the head, or right under the hood of the headboard, if there is a cap. Strengthen the lower half of the head by the lower bolts in the wall, with two 1/2-inch screws. Slip your bed in place.

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