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Creative Bed Frames with Storage

December 10, 2017 Storage Bed Frame

Ideas Diy Bed Frame with Storage

Diy bed frame with storage – Bed frame with storage is inexpensive, attractive and sturdy, and does not need to be an expert carpenter to make one you. With basic construction skills, tools and appropriate instructions for building a base platform, you can build a bed that is inexpensive, attractive and last long.

If you already have the mattress that you will use, measure the size of the mattress. Depending on the style of the base of the platform you want to base the size of the platform size mattress or add about 10-12 centimeters for a contemporary diy bed frame with storage where the mattress is placed in the center of the bed. If you do not have a mattress to decide the size of the bed to be built.

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After determining the size of the diy bed frame with storage to be built, calculate all the wood that will be needed for the bed frame with 2 x 4. Cut size 2 x 4s or have to cut as when you buy them. The construction of a simple square or rectangular frame of 2 x 4 holes in periling ends and attach them together with wood screws. Measure the width of the inside of the bed frame and cut three or four 2 x 4s to the measure to use as support reinforcements. Evenly distribute the support brackets inside the bed frame and attach to the frame with wood screws. Pre-drill the screw holes ranging from the outside of the bed frame inwards.

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