King Platform Storage Bed Design

Awesome King Platform Storage Bed

King platform storage bed – Maximize bedroom space all around the king size bed is feasible made a bed with drawers. A king size bed occupies over 36 square meters, and that is 50% of a traditional room 12 feet by 12 feet (3. 6 by 3. 6 m ). Have a space for drawers beneath the bed along each side and also the foot from the bed to bring benefit of more space for storage. Measure the width and length from the king size bed and uses two sheets of wood 1 inch (2. 5 cm ) thick, attach them to be able to form the highest from the bed. Measure the height from the platform bed, so that there‘s enough space that will put drawers below it.

Take into consideration the dimensions from the drawers and calculated in square meters of king platform storage bed measures that will put two or three drawers on each side, you or two drawers in the foot from the bed. The maximum length from the drawers near the top and sides will certainly be lower than half the width from the bed. The rear of those will join the middle when fully closed, and this‘ll maximize the space beneath the king size bed.

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Conduct the side drawers close to the footboard to at least one third from the width from the king platform storage bed, in case your design includes one or two drawers in the middle from the foot end from the bed. This provides you enough space width to the drawer or drawers inside the section of the feet. The maximum length of the box is a little less than the measurement coming from the foot end from the bed frame, the center drawer.

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