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August 8, 2017 Twin Beds

Making A Backup To Convert A White Twin Bed With Trundle

Hi, although I do not participate in this forum Agricola I read a lot because you do truly wonderful and dais great tips, so I ask for help.    In a few months I handed the floor and as my economy does not go far I want to reuse a bed that I have to turn it into a white twin bed with trundle. As a bed not supported and I want to do. Normally you would beautiful pillows to support the wall and all solved, the problem is that the bed is 180cm wide and clear pads would have to be huge!!!!

Besides I like sofa that is used as a bed if you come visit or my guy and I threw a nap watching TV, so the support should be able to be removed.  I thought about putting a rather thick reload on the wall and remain as resting on the mattress / seat white twin bed with trundle, which already lost a few centimeters of it, but do not know how it would be, I do very shabby. I have in mind the idea of a headboard that can be lowered or that can be dismantled, so that if I turn into white twin bed with trundle not bothers. I do not know if I understand. At the moment I cannot build anything because until we do not give me the floor I have no place!!! But that I’m getting an idea of how to do it (with your help), I need, etc.

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Wondering for sure I bought that white twin bed with trundle, but I needed urgently and was the cheapest I found. Unfortunately I cannot you put a picture of as bed ridden because currently I have stuck in my bedroom doing parade headboard. But I put a picture of something that looks like. By the way my kid thinks that if I make the sofa bed when people take back, the bed will start to slide down the weight. I think not, mostly because many times I sat on a bed against the wall and never moved me, but he does not fit you, else would be the mattress, but this already put sheaths or sheets hooked at the bottom to prevent it. What do you think of this white twin bed with trundle?

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