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November 12, 2017 Storage Bed queen

Making Queen Bed with Storage Drawers

Queen bed with storage drawers – Living in a small house, I try to make the best use I can of space. In my room I found there was not enough room for another wardrobe, so I decided to make some drawers to slide them under my bed. When I built this structure bed, I made sure that there was plenty of room under it, as I always used the space under my bed for suitcases. I built this queen bed with storage drawers’ for rodasen on wheels. And to prevent the wheels would stumble each other or against the legs of the bed, instead of riding the wheels off decided to mount the wheels inside the drawers. Skate wheels, with ball bearings and rubber outside are perfectly suited for this purpose. And I had scrounged for this very purpose, for four hard in a homemade rake, a pair of old skates child.

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Cut recesses for joints in two passes, one with wood resting on my sliding carriage for table saw and other wood with standing against the side guide. I used the other piece of wood to push the wood firmly against the fence when I did this. I also cut a groove along the bottom edge to the bottom of plywood. He had not made an index able for my slotting saw blades given type, so just I made these cuts without insert. While the work piece is much larger than the mouth open in the mountains, not too dangerous to work without insert. I built the drawer 80 cm deep, 60 cm wide and about 23 cm high. The fronts are made of veneered with oak doors recovered.

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The next step was to manufacture support for the wheels. To give you a better look from the inside, cut the corners of the box wheels. I held in my carriage sliding table saw a piece of plywood cut to 45 degrees to make these cuts. The following was fastened with sergeants parts of the box for each wheel. You can see the hole for the bolt in the box of each wheel. I drilled another hole like that in the drawer, to the other end of the bolt. Then I Glue inside boxes drawers fully assembled wheel and insert bolts. Bolts are short enough not to protrude outside the queen bed with storage drawers.

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