Metal Twin Bed Frame: Unique And Still Fashionable!

Metal Twin Bed Frame And Desk

With its fashion design and unique material, metal twin bed frame can certainly be centerpiece of any bedroom. First trick is to make metal bed of bedroom window, to embellish with right finish and ensure that all other parties decoration. Choose an overall theme that starts with bed frame and tied together with other accessories in room. And be sure to have some fun. Bed frames of metal come in all sorts of styles, from ornate to simple. Any work with a number of issues.

Metal twin bed frame also works well to give room an art deco style, futuristic feel. In this case, casting sand desired uniformly and perfectly, perhaps using a motorized sanding tool. Choose a shiny metal or paint spray and cover frame evenly so sparkles and shines. Accompany this look with a geometric patterned bedspread, fiberglass furniture and accessories that look like they came from a spacecraft, such as metal standing lamps, picture frames and chrome wall art that uses lots of mirrors.

Metal twin bed frame can also be used to transform room into a whimsical and extravagant shelter. Prepare box again sand old paint and repaint a cheerful tone or, if in good condition, with only add details with paint pens. Metal bars of bed frame to make a great canvas to add flowers paint pen, vines, and bumblebees, smiling faces, ladybugs or a number of other fun designs. Framework is also ideal for fastening metal artwork wire on top of head or foot boards, provided it does not interfere with feet or head. Top of bed with a whimsical faux fur bedspread and carpets, wooden furniture has also been decorated with paint pens around edges and knobs and colorful collages post in walls and ceiling.

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