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September 20, 2017 Twin Bedding

Minnie Mouse Twin Bedding

Minnie mouse twin bedding – Make sure your bedding shaped like Minnie Mouse, featuring a signature pink bow and long black eyelashes, eye everyone in your daughter’s next page. Place a sheet of plastic under the big Minnie mouse, so that participants can collect objects easier. The rest of you can throw into the trash. Folding and tearing the strips until you have a pile of about the same size as the plastic containers that hold the butter paper mache paste.

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Inflate the balloon, latex and tied the knot at the opening. Place the strips on the balloon, and until you have the entire Minnie mouse twin bedding layer of overlapping strips covering the balloon. Let the first coat dry and then add three more layers of bedding, let the paste dry between layers of paper. Each layer will take about eight hours to dry. Use the knife to cut a big enough hole or incisor for inserting candy and small toys on the back side of the top of the paper mache ball.

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Draw a large circle on the top and a large oval on the bottom in front of the paper mache ball is a line of the face. Paint Minnie mouse twin bedding inside outline in beige and black balls. Paint the bedding circle using hot glue stick is black, and over the ears Minnie ball. Tie the Ribbon into a bow and glue to the front of the ear, hot glue. Cat eyes and a smile on the face of the using a black and white color. Add long eyelashes, which refer to the upper part of the bedding.

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