Platform Bed Storage In Popular Options

Platform Bed Storage Drawers And Cabinet

Platform bed storage – the platform bed itself can often be done quite a bit of money, so you can use your leftover money to create storage to suit your individual needs. The boxes are a popular option for platform beds because they are relatively easy to install. You must have the measurements of your box was fit, be sure to remove about 1 inch in width and length to ensure that the box fits into the space.

The same can be said for the length of the box. You will create a wooden box that is designed to fit into your platform bed storage. Size and shape may vary depending on your individual design. Most boxes are made using different sizes of plywood.  To build a platform bed with shelves is one of the more affordable ways to add additional storage. Build shelves uses less wood and the shelves are as versatile as you can store almost anything from books to clothes, trinkets and more.

Once you have designed the box for your platform bed storage to rest, measure the peg holes to keep the shelf supports. Measurement is the key to ensure that the shelves are as flat as possible. The shelf itself can be made from a flat piece of wood, such as particle board or the like. Cut your shelf down to size to rest on the pegs.

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