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November 3, 2017 Storage Bed queen

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Queen storage bed frame – Under bed storage is an elegant solution to keep your stuff out of the way. An 18-inch-tall queen bed frame has more than 50 cubic meters of storage underneath. Building your own storage framework is a one-day project only requires tools that most families have at hand. Build a two bed with one side of the storage container that grants immediate access, and the other with a salable pool for seasonal effects.

Build a queen storage bed frame, set a 60-inch beam and a 77-inch beam in an L-shape, with the end of the 77-inch beam, which lies against the inside of the 60-inch beam. Set the other 60-inch beam at the free end of the 77-inch beam, which forms a C-shape. Fasten with two 4-inch wood screws, just like you did with the first corner. Slide the remaining 77-inch beam inside the C-shape. Place it so that it is parallel to the first beam, with its inner edge 30 inches from the outer edge of the first beam. Attach both ends by two 4-inch wood screw, driven in as before. Place the 25-inch beam with its end-to-center 77-inch beam.

Place a sheet of plywood over the open-faced side of the bed frame. Set other sheet of plywood over the uncovered side of the bed frame. Secure in place with the three hinges. Screw the hinges to one side of the sheet of plywood and a sheet on which you just installed. Set a hinge 2 inches from each edge of the blade, and one in the middle. Sand the exposed faces of your queen storage bed frame then put your queen mattress.

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