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July 30, 2017 Storage Bed Ideas

Storage Bed Twin Design

Storage bed twin – It is known as trundle bed a set of two beds in a folded collected under the other. The trundle bed is a way to get more performance from the bedroom space, allowing introduces two beds in the space occupied by one. The upper base of the trundle is similar to a standard bed. The lower, by contrast, consists of folding legs and wheels to be introduced below. Sometimes these beds replaced the lower bed drawers and are very practical when what we need is to have an extra bed but have more storage space

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Many times it happens that the little space you have at home means you can not renounce either have storage bed twin in one or extra storage space. For these cases, today it is possible to find trundle beds with a somewhat higher altitude to integrate both.

The advantages of a storage bed twin multiply when we have a shared room enough to accommodate two of them size. In these cases, the first thing is to think about the most appropriate form of the room that will furnish disposal. If this is rectangular, you place the beds in line, as in the bedroom that shows in the image. In this case, being a child’s bedroom, the remaining free space will be very useful as a playground.

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