Stylish And Ideal Twin Size Platform Bed

Style Of Twin Size Platform Bed

Twin size platform bed has a mattress without need for a box spring. Solid panels or wooden slats support mattresses of different thicknesses. One double platform bed fits a 54-inch wide, 74 inches long mattress that provides adequate sleeping space without taking up much space. Double platform beds are aesthetically pleasing for any bedroom or guest room in need of clean lines and a simple design. These beds are available in many classic styles that will not fade, despite changing fashion furniture.

Classic twin size platform bed styles are typically made of wood or metal. Wooden beds come in many finishes and hardwoods such as oak, mahogany, cherry or maple. These forests offer a classic style that will match any bedroom furniture like wood finishes. Metal platform beds are available in different finishes, styles, textures and colors, allowing them to match classic style of any bedroom.

When you think of classic twin size platform bed, first styles that come to mind they are probably Asian or European, also known as modern. Modern beds provide a classic style that will never fade, with thicker lines and short legs that create a stylish look. Modern Japanese platform beds incorporate principles of feng shui, with clean lines that create an orderly, harmonious appearance. This aspect is characteristic styles of platform bed. Double beds bold finishes provide modern platform that bind easily with changing fashions.

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