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Toy Story Twin Bedding Ideas

Toy story twin bedding – Decidedly your twin daughters were not born knowing how to share. It’s something you have to learn to do, but their reality will force them to train from the beginning so that they develop the ability long before a single child (at the other end). There is an initial phase in which everything is “mine” but after just admitting that others also have the right to have things.

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Toy story twin bedding, often one of our daughters wants another toy even like that she has, and three minutes later the forgotten. And it seemed it was a matter of life or death! In this we see a mixture of jealousy, seeking prominence or just interested in what the other puts interest, so we should not give too much importance. Despite the above we believe that giving the same toy is still an option and anyway not going to be able to prevent someone does. In this case it may be interesting facilitate distinguishing his toy. For this, the toy can be a little different (different colors or complementary), or may be marked in some way.

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Toy story twin bedding, for the market each has its method but we are starting to use the initials of the names of our daughters (C and V) for example to distinguish their two favorite dolls, Manuel and Pedrito, who happens that there are two clones. Other parents teach them to keep them in different places or assigned a color (using a tape, stickers, colored,) which some also extend the color that wears preferably each child.

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