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October 25, 2017 Twin Beds

Twin Race Car Bed: Fun, Practical and Stylish!

All children, boys and girls, love fast cars! This fun collection of race-themed features stylish, fun and practical twin race car bed accessories … including curtains, bedding, watches, toy boxes and more … your kids will love it! Trick of the most boring room with solid bold colors and add these fabulous racing themed accents. Any gear head pint-sized love theme fun and wonderful accessories.

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Twin race car bed¬†shaped always has fresh decoration for room, but a theme that incorporates Lightning McQueen outshines any issue of ordinary car. Beloved star of “Cars” franchise Disney / Pixar Lightning McQueen is sluggish red race car with a lot of heart. Incorporating this speed demon in a bedroom for your son’s heart race.

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A bed-shaped car Lightning McQueen and toddler size provides a fun place for the little ones to sleep. If a kids twin race car bed is not possible, wear a regular bed with bedding Lightning McQueen theme has a fun-filled alternative. Items purchased at a body shop to bring a note of authenticity to the room. For example, a box of multi-drawer tool becomes a bedside table and a place to store toys, while a gear cabinet can function as a closet.

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